Brought to you & Funded by the Village of Dansville
 SUMMER REC 2019′ 
During the hours of Summer Rec we may be reached at 
2019 Summer Recreation Program
Dates: 7/8/19- 8/16/19
Includes:   Free breakfast and Lunch
PLEASE DO NOT send your children before 8:45am, there is NO Supervision before that time.
 “What You Need to Know”
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Looking to work at Summer Recreation 2019?  Fill out our online application here.  Online Job Application
*We are only accepting applications through
 June 15th 2019.
Our CITCounselor in Training program is a way for youth who are too old for the program and yet too young to be a counselor yet, to still be involved with Summer Rec.  This is a specific program that we conduct during summer rec.  The program features, job readiness training as well as hands on assistance with operating the Summer Rec program.  For details on the program and application see links below.
Summer Recreation CIT Program click to read more.