Rent the Center


Rental Terms & Conditions
Use only approved rooms during the approved use/rental date and timeSupervise all who attend the eventNo running, rough housing or ball throwing inside the buildingAny damage that occurs to the property or equipment/furniture will be promptly reported to DCC. Appropriate charges will be assessed and billed to the renter for repairs of those damages.Clean and arrange the room/rooms to the way they were before use.
This includes:
  • Washing tables
  • Putting tables/chairs back to room/storage room where they came from
  • Do not drag tables or chairs across carpet (this will ruin the carpets)
  • Washing all hard surfaces that were used (counters/ tables etc.)
  • Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop the floors where needed
  • Clean the bathrooms (sweep, mop, empty trash cans if needed)
  • Clean any dishes/utensils that were used, including the coffee pot
  • Take all garbage out to the dumpster
  • Return all video games, and table game equipment to DCC employee
  • Turn off all lights
  • Make sure all doors are locked as you leave
Cleaning supplies are provided by DCC. If the room/rooms are not cleaned as specified above after the event the renter will be billed an additional $50 cleaning fee. Check box above is equivalent to Renter’s Signature for agreement to rental terms, building use and clean up.