2018 Annual Carnation Sale
January 15th – 26th
Delivery will be made to teachers during the week of February 5th-9th
Each Carnation only $1.50
Order yours today!!!

Dear Parents of Dansville Students,

The Dansville Community Center will be holding the annual Carnation Sale this year. Sales for carnations will be open from January 15 th , 201 8 to January 2 6 th , 201 8 . Proceeds from sales will help to fund the activities that take place at the Dansville Community Center.

A small gesture of giving a carnation to a child, a teacher, a sch ool staff member, or a friend, can make someone’s day. Please return order forms to yo ur child’s teacher by January 26 th , 2018 . Please place order forms and exact money due, in an envelope and have your child return it to their teacher . Please make out an individual order for m for each person that you are ordering flowers for. You can download extra order forms at www.dansvillecommunitycenter.org or get an extra order form in one of the school offices. Payment can also be made by check payable to Dansv ille Community Center (DCC), but must include a valid phone number on the c hec k . Each order form must be complete ly filled out with a full first and last name and be legible to insure accurate delivery. It is very important that the form be filled out co mpletely, and clearly. For students in grades 7 – 12, please identify both your red and black day teacher on the form.

Each carnation will cost $1.50, an order of 4 carnations is $6.00, and an order of 20 carnations is $30. This year we want to make sure that every child in the Primary School, Elementary School, and KidStart receives a flower. For a donation of $.50 you can partially help pay for a child to receive a flower that hasn’t gotten one from someone else. The carnations will be a variety of co lors and will be delivered to your child’s classroom, prior to the start of the day, on February 9 th , 201 8 . If this is a snow day, they will be delivered on the 1 2 th of February.

This is a great opportunity to let someone know they are special! Students can purchase carnations for themselves, siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, etc… Parents can also send flowers to their children.

Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions, please contact The Dansville Community Center at dansvillecommunitycenter@gmail.com or (585) 335 – 7890.

Remember all orders must be received (with payment)

by January 2 6 th , 2018 !!