Afternoon Program (at the Primary School)
The afternoon program will be open to ALL students in grades K-6 during specified vacation, holidays, superintendent days, and snow days.  There is a $25 a day / $125 a week charge for students. Parens need to provide 2 snacks and a bag lunch.  Activities will include, classrooms set up for quiet place to do homework, table games, video games, outdoor sports, movies, music, recreational activities, board games, etc.
Afternoon and Day Program
  • 6/24-7/3 M-F $25 per day 7:15am-6pm (closed 4th & 5th of July)
  • 7/8 – 8/16 M-F $20 per day 12:30pm-6pm (*coincides w/ Summer Rec 12:30 – 6PM)
  • 8/19 – 8/30 M-F 7:15am-6pm $25 per day
Call us with questions 585-335-7890
or stop in the Center or one of our 2 sites and ask