Men’s Basketball 20′-21′

Location: Former Dansville Middle School Gym (now GCC)

Times: 8:30-10:30pm

Days: Mondays & Thursdays

Season: November 2020 – February 2021

Cost: $5 per night (all proceeds benefit the community center)

Season Pass $50. (no pay as you go, on the season pass, no pro-rating)


General Rules-

  • You must initially show ID to register to play (Drivers license)
  • You must pay and be checked in every time at gym door
  • You must have graduated High School to play
  • Pick up games only (new teams will be made every night)
  • There are no set teams or purposely stacking teams
  • Playing is a privilege, you can lose it (even if you have a season pass)
  • There must be a Community Center employee present to play
  • NO alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. on premises
  • NO fighting, swearing, causing issues
  • NO spectators in the building (NO girlfriends, wives, siblings etc.)
  • NO refunds of any kind will be given
  • NO Pay NO Play NO exceptions – don’t even ask !!!
  • We may be closed due to weather, school functions or Holidays
  • Don’t be a jerk, you will get thrown out
  • If you are a big jerk, you will be suspended from the season


Game Rules-

  • Games are played on short courts (not full)
  • Half court defense only (no press)
  • 1’s and 2’s until 11 (first to 11 wins, No win by 2)
  • Only offense calls shooting fouls
  • Play 2 games in a row then you must wait a game                                               (if there are either 4 or 2 teams rule does not apply)
  • If 4 + teams are playing all other basketballs must be put away
  • No new games will start after 10:25pm


To Check for closings and info please use the below resources
Closed 11/23, 12/25, 12/28